Be the leader others WANT to follow.


Lead Yourself First (and Be the Leader Others WANT to Follow)

You’re a leader. You lead your work team, your business, your family. You show up. And you lead.

But what happens when the outside world sees you as a leader and inside you feel like anything but?

Tracy understands. She was there. She had the fancy leadership titles and showed up for her teams. She received accolades for her leadership abilities.

Inside, though, she second guessed her decisions; was overwhelmed more often than not; and wondered when she’d be found out.

Tracy learned to lead herself first and now offers private coaching to help you do the same. She’ll help you find the belief and clarity you need internally so you can be that leader others want to follow.

Inspire High Performance for Exceptional Results

What do business owners, top-level leaders, and HR professionals want? The simple answer is exceptional results. How do they get there? Enhanced leadership skills. Improved employee engagement and retention. Increased productivity. Strengthened customer service. Reduced employee conflict. And that’s where Tracy comes in.

For businesses, Tracy partners with your leadership team to facilitate training and coaching for leaders at all levels and their teams. She finds the “sweet spot” between your company’s mission and the very human needs of the employees, and she offers her services both in person as well as virtually.

Tracy Bianco Speaking

Energize Your Group with a Noteworthy Speaker

Does your association crave extraordinary speakers? Are you hosting an event and want to bring a WOW factor? Would a virtual boost help motivate your remote team?

For groups interested in a motivational boost, Tracy is a skilled public speaker. She speaks on a number of personal and business topics for groups large and small. Her presentations are entertaining and relevant—and never scripted. No matter how many times you hear Tracy, the message will be uniquely crafted for her audience.

Meet Tracy Bianco

Tracy Bianco helps individuals and work teams lead themselves first so they can, in turn, lead others more effectively. Together, you and she will pinpoint the obstacles that may be holding you back from the life and career you truly want. Tracy helps you discover the path to the authentic leader within you.

Tracy is a coach, leadership and team development professional, and public speaker. Her talents are rooted in her real-life experience as an educator and leader.